Great for cats, too

Innovation, expertise and research are the pillars of our latest Wash Dog services, especially the Eco-friendly sanitising treatment, the OxyDry: a procedure of deep cleanness that helps preserve your dog’s health and well-being.
the exact combination of oxygen and nitrogen is expelled with a light draft on your pet’s fur and skin, to provide an optimal hygienic treatment and full removal of bacteria and thin dusts. Nitrogen is a highly important oxidising element, that happens to possess some of the best sanitizing characteristics, high efficacy and swiftness of action, and whose properties are adopted for air and water purification. It acts against harmful substances on the dog’s skin and fur, and eliminates them without releasing any chemicals. The OxyDry system integrates the traditional wash, providing a deeper cleanness, it prolongs its efficacy considerably decreases the chance of developing new diseases such as rashes, pyoderma and psoriasis. This service is a round-the-clock self-service option thanks to the Wash Dog Card. It gives you professional results in just a few minutes, at a minimum cost.

How does the OxyDry work?    

Insert your card in the card reader, located on the side of the machine; place your dog or cat on the work surface. Before starting the OxyDry make sure your dog is fastened by using the provided tools. In case you wish to use this treatment on cats, leave your cat inside its carrier and direct the air through the grids; start the OxyDry and direct the air on your pet’s skin to proceed with the antibacterial process.

Please note!

Do not perform any other air treatment on your pet after the OxyDry: it would neutralize its antibacterial effect.

The OxyDry Kit

To enhance the efficacy of the treatment and obtain a more accurate sanitising effect, we recommend using the OxyDry Kit (available in the vending machine) during the treatment. In this Kit you will find a perfumed oil vial that allows the skin tissue to relax and lets the air penetrate deeper in it, effectively you shall rub it on your dog’s coat before performing the OxyDry, so as to catch all impurities; an antibacterial powder, to be mixed into the bottle of distilled water (this Kit also includes a spray bottle to apply the solution). This solution shall be sprayed onto the dog’s fur after the OxyDry, to fix the treatment on the skin and ensure its efficacy.

Recommended Duration of the OxyDry Treatment

To ensure the best efficacy of this eco-friendly antibacterial treatment we recommend that you attain to the durations below. Scientific research shows that the minutes indicated below are needed for the active oxygen to react and let the antibacterial action occur. Attaining to the recommended durations also slows down the development of new bacteria.

SMALL DOG: not less than 10 minutes

MEDIUM DOG: from 12 to 15 minutes

LARGE DOG: from 15 to 20 minutes

CAT: from 12 to 15 minutes

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