Marketing activities

Nowadays undertaking marketing activities is a fundamental operation to strengthen your business. Marketing techniques include analyses and studies that aid business owners to direct their choices in the proper course. Wash Dog takes advantage of marketing analyses, too, and he does so to inform its clients in an accurate and dynamic way, to fully understand their needs and to elaborate custom-made promotions. In this way, such an effective communication introduces newer and newer ideas to meet both the affiliates’ and the customers’ needs. The Franchisor makes her resources available to ensure a proper, detailed communication. It offer its expertise to constantly renew the look of the stores and cooperates with its affiliates to suggest new solutions, to improve the customer service and satisfaction.

What are the advantages of becoming a Wash Dog affiliate?

Our affiliates can avail themselves of the services offered by the Parent House, even require assistance in managing their clients. Through the spot-on collaboration with specialising partners, the Parent Company makes its expertise and tools available to them, so that they can find the proper solution to their needs. It also lets them contact their end clients, (via telemarketing, e-mail, or text-messages) to provide them with the most suitable information on the store, to carry out phone/e-mail surveys that allow their clientèle to evaluate their activity, to keep an exhaustive record of all store activities and can also elaborate detailed reports concerning the many activities.

How do we manage our work-flow?

To carry out all marketing processes with efficacy and accuracy we must keep record, through a proper marketing tool, of all detailed chronology and work-flow. In order to meet these needs, the Parent Company decided to boost their communication and marketing services via a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.