Dog Sitter

If your work schedule is keeping you too busy and your responsibilities won’t let you spend much time with your beloved friend as much as you wished.. If you want your dog to take a regenerating walk outdoors, but there’s nobody that takes him for walk when you are busy… Finding a trustworthy and available person is not always that easy, so your pet’s quality time shrinks, according to your presence.
Our Wash Dog stores help you by providing a Dog Sitting service: our qualified and available staff will take care of your dog and his needs, so you will have some more free time for yourself. In a Wash Dog store, though, you can always find someone ready to help you: a dog sitter will take your dog for long walks, in dedicated areas, and he or she will keep good company when you are away.
Just ask our store supervisor and he/she will be happy to assist you, providing you with the dog sitter’s timetable. That’s all it takes.