Self-Service Bath

One of the strong points of the Wash Dog stores is the washing method: you will be able to use tubs and professional equipment in all comfort, with safety and hygiene procedures carried out after each wash. You’ll wash your dog with quality products, in total autonomy, giving your friend a full treatment, deep disinfection and total hygiene. Our wash stations, spacious and cosy, in conformity with all legal requirements, have been designed to make our dogs feel safe and equipped with automatic cleaning and sanitising tools: they self-activate after each wash and guarantee the utmost hygiene and loveliest fragrances, also to the following clients.

Inserting the Wash Dog Card

After inserting the Wash Dog Card in the switchboard, located inside the wash station, your pet’s name will be displayed on the screen, together with your balance; then the tool of your choice will activate and you will be able to proceed.

Choosing the programme

By selecting the shampoo or the conditioner key on the switchboard, you will select the related program and, according to your selection, a solution of water and detergent will be directly dispensed from your shower faucet. You can choose among the following programs: water, shampoo, conditioner, hair extractor, warm blow-dry, hot blow-dry.

How to wash your dog properly

Wet your dog’s fur with lukewarm water, pour some shampoo on it and let it act by massaging it lightly, then rinse. Proceed with the conditioner (or other specific treatments) and rinse thoroughly.

Vacuum hair removal

Removing fur, underfur, insistent dirt, excess water or anything that you haven’t been able to remove with a plain wash, are all the benefits of our vacuum system, a very helpful operation, preparatory to the final dry.

Warm blow-dry

A warm draft of air will help you eliminate excess water in those inaccessible spots, such as behind the tail, an the paws, … We advise you use this tool on large-sized dogs or on long-haired dogs: the prolonged use of a higher temperature could actually harm the pet-s skin, while a warm blow-dry has no counter-indications.

Hot Blow-dry

The hot blow-dry allows you to you dry your pet’s coat and skin. It leaves the coat particularly shiny and it is an optimal service for all kinds of coats. The proper temperature has been studied not to create discomfort to your pet’s skin and coat.

Cleaning the equipment

To offer an extensive service to our Wash Dog clients, we require and highly appreciate everyone’s participation in keeping their workspace clean.
What we ask is that you just use the shower faucet to remove all traces of hairs on every washable surface (they are all made of washable and waterproof surfaces) and remove all water with a squeegee towards the drainage.