A service sprouted from exigences


The history of dogs has changed: in the past they used to be regarded as watchdogs and lived outdoors, nowadays they are humanised and treated like family members; they dwell in our homes, lay on our carpets and couches and play with our kids. Our relationship with dogs has grown more intimate as well as all the attention and care dedicated to them. However, very few facilities ease our friendship with these devoted animals, righteously defined as “man’s best friends”.
Wash Dog was conceived as a solution to a long-neglected gap, by offering a sanitary, healthful service for your dog. Our 24/7 dog wash service offers everyone the chance to keep their pets clean with an easy, simple, fast, practical and cheap solution.

The history of Wash Dog


After assessing the popular interest for automatisms, specifically for self-service systems, Wash Dog initiated an innovative 24h self-service dog wash facility.
Through a brief survey we investigated the feasibility of this project, trying to ascertain the potential of this project compared to the standard grooming service formula or the domestic care.
This concept stems from the fact that you won’t have to rearrange your place to wash your pet, neither worry to make awkward appointments. We want to offer you the chance to wash your own dog, with user-friendly machinery specifically designed for this purpose, without having to worry about the opening hours, as our diy stores are open 24/7.

So on 5th May 2001 we launched our pilot-store in Gessate (MI): a revolutionary 24/7 self-service dog wash facility.
The project turned out to be a winning idea: just in the first year we registered more than 1300 members. The foundation of a franchising activity followed soon in 2003 and Wash Dog has been growing ever since.
Nowadays Wash Dog is no longer just a DIY dog-wash facility. Thanks to the additional services devised in the latest years, our stores have become proper Spas where dog owners can dedicate time to their dogs, wash them, care for them and their health.