Your dog’s health does not depend only on his state of cleanness, but also on the time you dedicate to his physical well-being. In many cases preventive fitness produces considerable amelioration and improves quality of life. If your hectic schedule does not allow you to spend some time with your pet, the proper solution to this problem is right inside our stores: a treadmill specifically designed to keep your dog active with the guarantee of a healthier life-style. The treadmill can be configured according to the size of your dog, its speed can be adjusted to your dog’s pace to avoid wrong posture and movements.

What are its advantages?

To recover from the lack of muscular tone caused by inactivity, to improve motor rehabilitation in dogs with traumata and neurologic or musculoskeletal diseases, to strengthen muscle tone, to improve proprioception, coordination and balance, cardiopulmonary functions, for the conservative treatment for hip dysplasia, dog training, to prevent overweight.

How to use it?

You can use the treadmill anytime with your Wash Dog card, to keep your dog active, or you can use this tool to rehabilitate your dog from diseases and pathologies. Ask for advice to your veterinary and define with his help the most suitable therapy for your dog. You only have to deliver your vet’s certificate to the Wash Dog staff. They will help you improve your dog’s quality of life. To use the treadmill you just have to place your dog on the machine and start it. Help your dog in case of difficulties and never keep him out of sight. You will see him gaining confidence and in a few tries he will be able to walk on the treadmill without your help.